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Carpet and Rug dyeing

So often Carpet and Rugs get color damaged. Whether its a stain that needed strong chemicals to remove and with it went the color, to fading from Sun, to improper use of cleaning solutions by so-called professional carpet cleaning and janitorial firms. 2 most common situations we see is Sun faded Rugs, and chemical-related color loss such as bleach spots, and bathroom cleaners and other chemicals.
We can repair sun fading and bleach spots on your carpets.


Oriental and Persian Rug color Repair.
We have a specific process we use to restore the colors in your lovely rugs. Do you have a beautiful rug that has faded from sun exposure?

We can replace the missing color and restore your rug to its beautiful color. Our Dyes will not rub off they are as permanent as the original Dyes. in many cases they will last longer.


Bleach Spots
Color loss from bleach and other chemicals need to be treated specifically. We neutralize the chemical that caused the color loss, balance the PH, add the colors that are missing to bring it back to its original color.