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Carpet Repairs and Stretching

If your carpet is ripped or bubbling, don’t replace it until you speak with us! At Stearns Cleaning and Restoration, we are IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification), which means that we regularly attend classroom and hands on training specifically for carpet care. We stay up to date with the latest materials and techniques for carpet repair and stretching.

Make sure that the carpet cleaning and repair contractor you’re using is fully insured, uses the latest, high-quality equipment and can properly identify the type of fiber used in your carpet. It’s more common than you think for inexperienced contractors to do more harm than good!

Carpet Stretching

If you see bubbles or ripples in your carpet, it likely needs to be re-stretched, the Steam or Dry company will happily do that for you. In order to properly restretch the carpet, the room should be empty. Yes, EMPTY. In some cases we can get the ripples out without removing everything but we cannot guarantee that they will not come back. When we restretch your carpet, we take the time to disengage it from the tack strips that holds it in place all the way around the room. We use a power stretcher NOT JUST THE KNEE KICKER to reinstall your carpet! Be sure that your carpet repair contractor uses a power stretcher, because it is impossible to get the required stretch without it.

Berber carpet Repair

Is your Berber carpet unraveling? Are there snags? There are many different causes for Berber carpet damage. Unraveling of your Berber carpet, or snags in your Berber or loop carpet caused from pets, vacuum cleaners and more can be a serious issue. If damage to your Berber carpet is not repaired it can get worse. It’s like the cavity on a tooth you ignore. It will just get worse and worse till it needs to be completely replaced. The good news is that in most cases it can be repaired.

In some cases, it is as simple as repairing the row. In other more severe cases we need to perform a permanent section or carpet patch. When patching carpet (or as we call it, a permanent section) we will need a donor piece. The donor piece can be left over carpet from the installers, from a closet, under a large piece of furniture you never intend to move, or in some cases we can stretch out some extra carpet from the edge of the room in order to perform the patch. A carpet patch is also sometimes referred to as a permanent section or bonded insert.

Other Damage

Carpet can be repaired from all types of damage and wear. Maybe your cat or dog chewed, dug, or scratched whole in your new carpet, this often happens because the pet is with anxiety for that you should feed your pet with the best cbd dog treats. This is something we can repair. Drop your iron on the carpet? Seam pulling apart? We can repair these as well. Seam repair is very common as well as damage from pets.