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Commercial cleaning services in Manchester and Bedford.

How to Hire a Professional Janitorial Cleaning Company

When it comes to leaving a good impression on potential clients or customers, the cleanliness of your office space is one factor that may seem minor but can actually leave a large impact on them. However, considering that running a business is in itself difficult already, it can be easy to neglect the upkeep of your office space.

Because of this, it’s better to hire professional help to ensure that your office space is always clean and hygienic without taking off your focus on the other aspects of your business.

On the other hand, with the extensive range of options out there, how exactly do you narrow down your options and hire the right janitorial cleaning company for your office?

To answer this, check out the details below.


Step 1:  Look for recommendations and referrals.

Using referrals as your starting point – whether it’s from family, friends, or other business owners – can help you find the best company for your office space as they have already been tested and proven.

This eliminates the worry due to the uncertainty in terms of their reliability and capacity to deliver the kind of service you need.

Step 2:  Do your research.

Don’t stop and settle for whatever company someone recommends – make sure that you do your own research about the company. Once you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of companies, check out the details of their company.

Ask questions like how long have they been in the industry, what services they offer, do they have the necessary equipment, and what credentials they have. This will help you narrow the search even further until you decide on the number one option for you and your business’s needs.

Step 3:  Get everything in writing and read through it carefully.

Once you’re done interviewing the company and decided on which one to hire, then it’s time to sign the contract. Make sure that everything that you and the janitorial cleaning company have decided is in writing.

This will help quickly settle any issues that may arise. Moreover, ensure that you read it carefully and thoroughly to guarantee that there are no mistakes and everything written has been agreed upon.

Step 4:  Sign the contract.

Once everything has been checked and double-checked and everything is as it should be, then it’s time to sign the contract. This will solidify the agreement and the professional janitorial cleaning company will then provide you with employees who can render their service.

Keeping your workspace clean won’t just give you a clean and sanitary place to conduct business but will also help you leave a good impression on clients, both potential and current. However, running a business is already difficult without having to clean your office yourself which is why you can benefit from hiring a professional janitorial cleaning company.

Commercial cleaning services in Manchester and Bedford.

How to Remove Gum on the Carpet

Gum on CarpetChewing gum has plenty of benefits such as keeping your teeth healthy, reducing feelings of nausea, and even improving your memory. However, as many of us know, gum is notoriously difficult to get out as it can get incredibly sticky and tangled up. Once it gets in surfaces like your hair or carpet, we often feel like we have no choice but to cut it out.

While it is indeed difficult to get out, did you know there are other ways of removing gum from carpets without having to destroy your precious carpet’s fibers?

To learn how to remove gum on the carpet, check out the details below.


Method 1:  Freezing It Off

Once you get gum on your carpet, your best bet to get it out would be to try and do so immediately. The longer it sits, the harder it will be to get out. The first and most effective way of removing gum from the carpet is by freezing it off.

What You’ll Need:

  • A zip lock bag
  • Ice
  • Scraper (a butter knife would do)
  • Soapy water with a bit of vinegar
  • Rag


  1. Place the ice inside the bag and seal it.
  2. After doing so, put the bag of ice onto the gum. The cold temperature of the ice will make the gum harden and allow you to remove the gum from your carpet.
  3. Use your scraper to remove the hardened gum from your carpet.
  4. After most of it came off, dip your rag into a soapy solution mixed with a bit of vinegar and rub the spot gently to remove any gum residue.
  5. Pat it dry and avoid walking in the area until fully dry.


Method 2:  Using Oils

Another method would be using oils like WD40 to make the gum slippery enough to be removed from your carpet.

What You’ll Need:

  • Oil (ex. WD40, olive oil, and even peanut butter)
  • Scraper
  • Soapy solution
  • Rag/ sponge


Note: Before applying the oils, test first a small amount on a non-visible area of your carpet to ensure that it won’t make a bigger stain on your carpet.

  1. Apply the oil on your rag – don’t pour it directly on your carpet as this might make a bigger mess – and gently saturate the gum by patting it with the cloth.
  2. Once it’s slick enough, use your scraper to scrape off the gum. If it doesn’t come off in one scrape, scrape it repeatedly in the same direction to do so. Remember to wipe off the scraped off gum in-between sessions to prevent it from sticking to the carpet again.
  3. After you have removed most of the gum, clean the area with your soapy solution. Use grease-fighting dish soap to remove any oil residue from your carpet.


Method 3:  Using a Hairdryer

It turns out that your hairdryer can actually be effective for removing gum from your carpet.

What You’ll Need:

  • Hairdryer
  • Plastic bag


  1. Turn on your hairdryer and put it on low.
  2. Aim it directly onto the piece of gum. Observe the gum if it’s melting as you don’t want to damage your carpet.
  3. Once it starts to melt, use the plastic bag to scrape it up and the gum should immediately stick to it upon contact.
  4. Continue the above steps until the gum is completely removed.


Removing gum from the carpet can be frustrating but with the aforementioned steps, you can now easily do so without harming your carpet while removing it.

Commercial cleaning services in Manchester and Bedford.

5 Easy-to-follow Office Cleaning Tips

Office CleaningSome of you may think that maintaining cleanliness at the office is a significant hassle without professional help. However, it is not. Here are ten easy-to-follow tips you can follow to keep your office clean.


1. Keep the Break Room Tidy


The break room is an essential part of the office. It is where employees can relax and unwind. However, relaxing and unwinding is not possible if the space is untidy, right?


You can keep your office’s break room tidy by instructing the employees to throw their trash and wash their dishes. You can also remind them to put back the items they took to its proper place so that the room will be as tidy as when they first entered.



2. Wipe the Windows


Making a habit of wiping the windows every morning can help remove accumulated dust particles. This can significantly improve air quality inside the office, especially for those who have sensitive noses.


If you have employees, you can assign them to a window to wipe. It could be the ones near their table. This way, cleaning the window will only take less than two minutes if everybody does their part.


 3. Organize your Desks and Drawers


Messy desks and drawers are an eyesore for anybody. If you are working around that, your work can be affected. It will be hard for you to find documents that you need or office supplies you want to use.


When organizing desks and drawers, the rule of the thumb is always put back what you took to its assigned space so that it will not be messy again. Doing this may take a little self-control, but you will be thankful because your efficiency and productivity will surely increase.



4. Put Trash bins Nearby


Getting lazy to get up from your chair is understandable, especially when you are already in a comfortable position and focused on the work in front of you. However, improper trash disposal can easily make your office space look messy, so to solve that, make sure that you have a trash bin nearby.


By having a trash bin in close proximity, there is no more need for you to clutter your trash. Just make sure to empty your trash bin by the end of every day, or else, your space will still be unclean and messy.


5. Schedule Quarterly General Cleaning


You may think that your office is already clean because there is no visible trash or dirt around. However, there might still be dust lying around, so scheduling a quarterly general cleaning is an excellent practice to follow. You can allocate an hour or two of your usual work hours once every three months to clean and disinfect your office thoroughly.


Final Word


Ensuring that your office is clean all the time improves the productivity of the employees and keeps them healthy. Cleaning is not a hassle as long as everybody considers practicing some of the tips mentioned above. The next thing you know, cleaning your office will be like second nature to everybody in the office.