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Upholstery Cleaning

Stearns Cleaning offers professional upholstery cleaning for your home and business. Stearns Cleaning is right for you if you are looking for a local furniture cleaning service that is experienced, well-trained and offers state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agents. We pride ourselves in being well-trained, honest, friendly and personable.

Here at Stearns Cleaning Service we guarantee our work 100%!

“I give you my personal guarantee that if you are not satisfied you can call me, Dave Levesque, the owner of Stearns Cleaning Service and I will make it right. I Guarantee it.” We know you will love our service, as we go above and beyond to offer our clients the ultimate service experience.

Since your upholstery is one of the most delicate furnishings you have in your home, you should not allow just anyone who claims to be a professional care for your upholstery. It is vital that the upholstery care technician servicing your furniture can identify what type of fabric the furniture is made of. Some Fabrics will brown or shrink if the wrong method is used to clean it!

When you hire Stearns Cleaning Service, you get an IICRC Certified Technician and over 15 years of experience. This means that the technician providing your upholstery care has been through classroom and hands on training specifically for upholstery. We are fully insured and provide professional care for your upholstery based on your specific needs with the most advanced methods, cleaning agents and Equipment.

We will clean your furnishings with the best process available based on its specific fabric type and the manufacturer’s specific recommendation. We offer two specific cleaning processes; water-based (also known as shampooing or steam cleaning) and solvent-based (also known as dry cleaning with no water all). Many fabrics such as micro fiber and other synthetic materials can be easily cleaned with the water-based method. Other more delicate natural fibers must be dry cleaned only. If you use the water based cleaning on a delicate dry clean only fabric, you run the risk of damaging the fabric. One common problem that occurs if you use the wrong cleaning method is that colors run into the other colors and destroy the patterns. The best way to determine the cleaning process recommended by the manufacture is to lift up the cushions and look on the tags. There should be a label that gives the cleaning codes for that specific piece of furniture.

Our Process

  • Evaluate each piece of furniture to be cleaned.
  • Explain services to be performed including final price.
  • Pre-Vacuum.
  • Pre-Spray.
  • Treat spots.
  • Hand scrub each piece of furniture.
  • Rinse and Extract dirt and grime from each piece of furniture.