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Commercial cleaning services in Manchester and Bedford.

5 Easy-to-follow Office Cleaning Tips

Office CleaningSome of you may think that maintaining cleanliness at the office is a significant hassle without professional help. However, it is not. Here are ten easy-to-follow tips you can follow to keep your office clean.


1. Keep the Break Room Tidy


The break room is an essential part of the office. It is where employees can relax and unwind. However, relaxing and unwinding is not possible if the space is untidy, right?


You can keep your office’s break room tidy by instructing the employees to throw their trash and wash their dishes. You can also remind them to put back the items they took to its proper place so that the room will be as tidy as when they first entered.



2. Wipe the Windows


Making a habit of wiping the windows every morning can help remove accumulated dust particles. This can significantly improve air quality inside the office, especially for those who have sensitive noses.


If you have employees, you can assign them to a window to wipe. It could be the ones near their table. This way, cleaning the window will only take less than two minutes if everybody does their part.


 3. Organize your Desks and Drawers


Messy desks and drawers are an eyesore for anybody. If you are working around that, your work can be affected. It will be hard for you to find documents that you need or office supplies you want to use.


When organizing desks and drawers, the rule of the thumb is always put back what you took to its assigned space so that it will not be messy again. Doing this may take a little self-control, but you will be thankful because your efficiency and productivity will surely increase.



4. Put Trash bins Nearby


Getting lazy to get up from your chair is understandable, especially when you are already in a comfortable position and focused on the work in front of you. However, improper trash disposal can easily make your office space look messy, so to solve that, make sure that you have a trash bin nearby.


By having a trash bin in close proximity, there is no more need for you to clutter your trash. Just make sure to empty your trash bin by the end of every day, or else, your space will still be unclean and messy.


5. Schedule Quarterly General Cleaning


You may think that your office is already clean because there is no visible trash or dirt around. However, there might still be dust lying around, so scheduling a quarterly general cleaning is an excellent practice to follow. You can allocate an hour or two of your usual work hours once every three months to clean and disinfect your office thoroughly.


Final Word


Ensuring that your office is clean all the time improves the productivity of the employees and keeps them healthy. Cleaning is not a hassle as long as everybody considers practicing some of the tips mentioned above. The next thing you know, cleaning your office will be like second nature to everybody in the office.

Commercial cleaning services in Manchester and Bedford.

Tips to Help Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

Carpet vacuuming on commercial carpetHere are some tips for maintaining your vacuum cleaner in commercial or residential carpet.

Owning carpets would almost certainly mean you own a vacuum cleaner as well. Although there are a vast number of vacuum types, vacuum attachments, and vacuum specifications, vacuums serve one great purpose. Vacuums no matter what size or shape are made to clean. Because vacuums are made to clean, you would normally want to clean it clean as well. And there are a lot of ways to ensure its cleanliness.

Follow these simple tips on how to keep your vacuums clean and working for a lifetime.

1. Checking your Brush Roll. This is where various particles enter. Because of this, you would want to keep the brush roll clean and free from blockage. Take out lint, hair, pet fur, tissue, wrappers, and paper – anything that might have gotten stuck. Keeping your brush rolls clean will help in the smooth operation of your vacuum.

2. Oiling your Brush Roll. There will come a time when you will notice that your brush does not roll as smoothly as before. This might mean that its bolts could be a little rusty and may need a little oil for rejuvenation. To reach the bolts you need to detach the brush from the vacuum. You can check the manual for the correct way to do this. Otherwise, you may look online or call the manufacturer.

3. Keeping your Vacuum Hose Clean. You might want to look at your vacuum hose before starting to vacuum. Try feeling it for any obvious clogs. This will ensure the optimum results of your machine. If the machine’s power seems weak, check for clogs and obstructions.

4. Cleaning Vacuum Bags. This is where dirt and various particles are stored. You need to replace this bag or at least empty it before starting to vacuum. The vacuum’s manual will also explain how this is done. Just remember to empty or replace the vacuum bag while it is only 1/2 full. If you decide to empty it out, you can still use the bag for about 3-4 times, use your own discretion.

5. The Vacuum Belt. Vacuum belts just like any rubber material are subject to usual wear and tear. For worn out belts, bets with spots, cracks, and tears – replace immediately. Sometimes belts become lose causing the machine to stop and make funny noises, just refit the belt back to your machine. The belt is an important part of the vacuum’s engine movement and needs to be checked regularly.

6. Cleaning Vacuum Filters. Similar to your vacuum’s hose and brush roll, filters need to be cleaned and checked regularly to avoid clogs and obstruction. The effectiveness of your machine will also rely on this simple task of cleaning your filters regularly.

Keeping your vacuum and its parts clean will allow it to do its job properly. Checking your vacuum regularly, cleaning it and proper usage will ensure its longer usage life and effective cleaning power.

Commercial cleaning services in Manchester and Bedford.

Helpful Hints in Dealing With a Water-Damaged Home

Our home is our safe haven and a place where we come to rest, relax, and spend precious time with our families. It is certainly one place that you should take time in keeping clean and tidy but this can sometimes be a tall order.

Keeping our home clean can be a very big challenge especially with all kinds of cleaning problems that can happen to it. One type of problem which can be very worrisome is water damage which can happen when a lot of water gets into the home and cause all kinds of damage.

Water damage can be very frustrating especially if you do not know what to do. It is important that you restore your home back to normal in the proper way so that you can get it to return to its former glory. Many homeowners are at a loss as to how to deal with this mess and it is surely difficult. To help you out, I have prepared a list of some hints that you can use in dealing with a water-damaged home.

  • The first thing that you should remember if you have a water-damaged home is not to panic. Many homeowners just freak out with the extent of the problem and they sometimes commit mistakes that only compound the problem. Just stay calm and take a breath before proceeding and planning your approach to restoring the water damage.


  • Another really useful tip that can help you in restoring the water damage in your home is to consult a professional right away. If you do not know anything about water damage, which is probably true for majority of homeowners, it is imperative that you do not just go ahead and do whatever you think is right without knowing if it is indeed going to help you restore your home. Call a water damage restoration service or a cleaning company to find out what approach you should take to be able to avoid making the situation worse.


  • Quickly dealing with the problem is another really important thing that you should keep in mind. Water is not really good for your home’s interior and allowing it to stay there for a long period of time is not a good idea. Always act fast when you have water damage to have the best chance of restoring your home to normal without any problems or issues.

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