Carpet Cleaning: How Often Should It Be Done?

According to carpet manufacturers and fiber producers, residential carpets should be cleaned every 6 to 12 months. The cleaning needs to be done by professionals to correct the damage on the fiber caused by dust and slices.


However, depending on some situations, you might need to clean your carpet more frequently than recommended. Below are the factors that can help determine how often you should clean your carpet:


  • Kids

If you have kids, you will need to clean your carpet more frequently. You cannot control the spills and splatters on your carpets when you have kids. Ideally, you should have your carpets cleaned every 6 to 12 months if you have kids.



  • Pets


Pets might urinate or even vomit on the carpet. In some cases, their hair or fur can accumulate deep into the carpet. That calls for daily carpet cleaning to eliminate nasty stains and smells. Besides cleaning your carpet daily, you need to look for a professional cleaning service to give your carpet a thorough cleaning at least yearly.



  • Carpet Warranty


Most carpets come with a warranty. Carpet manufacturers require that buyers have a given cleaning routine for the effectiveness of a warranty. You need to check your carpet warranty requirement to ensure you are eligible for refunds.


Whenever you hire a carpet cleaning service, you should save the receipts in case you have a warranty issue. A carpet cleani9ng receipt will help you prove to the manufacturer that you follow for frequent cleaning and proper care of your carpet.



  • Carpet Color


Bright-colored carpets are perfect for illuminating your room. However, the problem sets in when these carpets get stains and dirt.


It is easier to notice stains and dirt on a bright-colored carpet than a dull-colored carpet. Needless to say, a light-colored carpet requires more frequent cleaning compared to a dull-colored one. Cleaning a bright-colored carpet frequently will maintain its eye-catching appearance. The best thing about a bright-colored carpet is that you will easily notice when it is time to clean it.



  • Allergies

Carpet fibers normally attract dust and allergens. These allergens are a disaster to a family member with allergy problems. You need to clean your carpet thoroughly to eliminate the dust and allergens and enhance healthy living.


Depending on the carpet cleaning criteria you use, there is a recommended frequency on how often you should clean it.



  • Vacuum


Vacuuming protects your carpet from getting dirt and stains. You should often vacuum your carpet to remove loose dirt. Vacuuming reduces the need to do a professional carpet cleaning frequently.



  • Spot Cleaning


Spot cleaning is effective when your carpet gets a serious mess, such as when kids spill mud on it. You need to take care of nasty stains immediately before it gets its way into the fiber. That way, you will improve your carpet’s longevity and warranty coverage.



  • Professional Cleaning


Professional carpet cleaning is ideal for keeping your carpet fresh and new over the years. However, as much as you will be doing professional carpet cleaning, you need to vacuum it and do spot cleaning in between.



Bottom Line


Carpet cleaning is crucial in enhancing a healthy and comfortable living environment. Cleaning your carpet frequently will also improve its longevity and help in warranty claims. Having read this article, we hope you understand the frequency with which you need your carpet cleaned.