Guide to Removing Yogurt Stains on Carpet and Rugs

Eating healthy and staying fit is always important if you want to stay fit and full of energy. We are what we eat and eating right is surely something that you should look to do more often. There are many kinds of food which can be healthy for our body but doesn’t really taste good but luckily there are foods like yogurt which is not only beneficial for our health but is likewise really tasty.

The challenge with yogurt though is that it can sometimes be very messy to eat. It can get spilled on your floor, furniture, or worse on your rug. Yogurt may promote healthy digestion and provide our body with a lot of vitamins and minerals but if it falls on the rug it will do nothing but cause you a headache.

Cleaning up the yogurt stains on your rug may tough but it is something that you can actually do on your own if you know the correct approach. Try to read the guide below to find out how you can restore your rug back to normal in no time.

  • Quickly get a clean sponge or some paper towels and use it to effectively extract the spilled yogurt on the rug. You should do this immediately so that the spill will not cause more trouble than it should. Try to repeat this step until you are able to clear up all of the spill on the rug.
  • Take a medicine dropper and then add a few drops of water on the stain which the yogurt spill has caused. This is helpful in preventing the stain from setting on your rug right away. After diluting the stain with water, blot it with some paper towels before going to the next step.
  • Apply some of the cleaning solution you normally use on your rug on the yogurt stain on the rug. Allow it to stay there for several minutes before you get a clean paper towel and start blotting the stain repeatedly. Make sure you repeat this step until you have totally eliminated the ugly stain on your rug at home.
  • After eliminating the ugly yogurt stain, the last step you have to take is to rinse the area you finished cleaning to help prevent residue from getting left behind. After rinsing the area with some water dry it off with a clean rag and you’re done restoring your rug back to normal.